The Watercourse Way
Photographic Images by Bill McMyne
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Images that inspire me.
Photographers on Photography
edited by Nathan Lyons
Thirty nine essays on photography written by acknowledged masters.
Looking at Photographs
by John Szarkowski
100 Classic photographs discussed by an influential critic, curator and historian of photography.
Tao and Photography:  Seeing Beyond Seeing
by Philippe L. Gross & S.I. Shapiro
An excellent book on the relationship of Taoism and photography. 
On Photography
by Susan Sontag
Essays examining the relation of photography to art, to conscience, and to knowledge.
Criticizing Photographs:  An Introduction to Understanding Images
by Terry Barrett
Applies principles of criticism to increase ones understanding and appreciation of photographic images.
Ways of Seeing
by John Berger
A classic on the variables affecting perception of art.
The Tao of Daily Life
by Derek Lin
A very accessible text on Taoism, using classic Tao stories to explain the relevance of Taoism to our daily lives.
Photography Changes Everything
edited by by Marvin Heiferman
Essays about how photography does more than just record the world - how it shapes and changes every aspect of our experience of and in the world.